Pollennieuws Use Case

Fighting Hayfever Through Mobile Participation

Pollennieuws is the leading Dutch hayfever platform.  It was built to let patients throughout the country check the pollen forecast as easily as they check the weather. The app combines crowd sourced observations and scientific data and shares the results with citizens in real time. 


About the app

The app is an initiative of Pollennieuws and VGZ. Pollennieuws is a multi-disciplinary team of scientific, educational and media-experts and the leading Dutch cross-media pollen (hayfever) information platform. VGZ is one of the leading Dutch Healthcare Providers. 

The  technology -- combined with design and a strong editorial team at Pollennieuws -- has made this app a valuable national resource that continues to gain users every day.

Over 50,000 reports a month

Pollennieuws is a tool and logbook in one. Users check daily forecasts and receive push notifications every time the text and video journals are published in the app.

The participatory nature of the app encourages people to become more aware of their ailments by asking questions and keeps track of the answers in a personal log.

As a result, the user has better insight into their own condition while they simultaneously contribute anonymous data to ongoing Pollennieuws research and publicly available statistics.




Challenges & Solutions


A Win-Win App

Every app needs an emotional reward to stimulate continuous participation. Pollennieuws achieves this by making users aware that each report benefits them personally and enhances research.


Reporting-Speed vs. Data-Quality

OneWhitePixel set a goal for Pollenieuws users to file a complete report in under 3 seconds. We succeeded by tooling the app through design, navigation and giving users just one direct question. 

Turn Data Into Information

Pollennieuws uses a data toolbox that comes with the app to access the thousands of daily reports, while back end data has yielded valuable information that radically changed the course of the research.  


Giving Back Control

The Pollennieuws team monitors, manages and maintains their application 24/7, 365 days a year through the back end, which helps them collaborate with customers at any time.

The Result




A custom-branded native application with a UI geared toward generating ongoing participation with Pollennieuws.



The Pollennieuws team has 24/7 access to the accumulated user reports data.

They use an exported version of their data to send to research partners at local universities and other institutions, while data feeds enable them to show live statistics on their website.



Pollennieuws can easily monitor relevant statistics in real-time, maintain the app and push new content to their user base through a familiar and easy-to-use backend environment accessible from anywhere in the world.



Feature Highlights


Push Notifications

Customers are notified when a new pollen journal is published. This keeps them actively engaged and helps users inform and prepare themselves for the current conditions.


Journal Composer

An editorial team creates news items in a dedicated backend, then decides whether to preview, save and publish their Journals with a click of their mouse.




Accurate knowledge of the location of every report gives  the Pollennieuws research team and individual customers real-time insight into local variations of symptom intensity.

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Anonymous Users

Pollennieuws attracts so many users, because it is easy to use and navigate, but it also carries a pledge of anonymity while informing users what data is used and how it is handled.