Ambrosia Reporter Use Case

Scientifically Charting Invasive Plants In The EU


The SMARTER Ambrosia Reporter platform helps scientists and researchers around the EU to get a collective insight in one of the most invasive plant species in Europe.

The Ambrosia Reporter platform helps both professional researchers and layman enthusiasts across the EU to report and collectively monitor and chart populations of Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Replacing the regular SMARTER Ambrosia survey form, the app will result in quicker, easier

and more complete report submissions. Making a report is as easy as snapping a picture, completing the form and hitting save.  The app will take care of the rest and will let you know as soon as your report has been validated by the research administrators!


Why Monitor Ambrosia?

Ambrosia artemisiifolia, also known as Common Ragweed, originates from North America and is one of the most prominent invasive alien species in Europe.

Its pollen grains are carriers of noxious allergens that may induce severe symptoms in sensitized people. It is also an important agricultural weed with a range that is likely to increase under climate change in real time.




Challenges & Solutions


Communication Is A Two-way Street

Every app needs an emotional reward to stimulate continuous participation. The COST SMARTER team will actively give feedback to contributing users by letting them know if their find was valid.

Do you want to know if those plants in your backyard are indeed Ambrosia artemisiifolia like you expect? Report it and find out for sure! 


Survey Form Digitalization

OneWhitePixel customized the application's form inputs and validation for the existing SMARTER scientific survey.

Originally a paper survey form, all required information for COST SMARTER reports can now be directly submitted from the palm of your hand and from the field. Either in layman's or professional mode.


What OneWhitePixel Delivered



A custom-branded native application geared towards getting accurate and complete SMARTER Ambrosia survey reports.

It also enables the reporters to get some feedback on their efforts through report validation notifications.


The project administrators will have 24/7 access to their user reports data.

An exported version of their data can be used to send to research partners at local universities and other institutions.


The project administrators can easily monitor relevant statistics in real-time and give their users feedback on the validity status of their reports, all from a convenient and easy-to-access web-based environment.



Feature Highlights



Push Notifications

Users can be notified when their reports have been validated by a head-researcher.

This keeps them actively engaged, lets them know that their reports are being handled actively and might learn them more about how to correctly spot populations of Ambrosia artemissiifolia.


Verification Guide

Not familiar with Ambrosia artemissiifolia? No problem! The app contains a picture-based verification guide which shows you how you can recognize different stages of this plant and how to distinguish them from some other species they get commonly mistaken for.




Accurate knowledge of the location of every report gives both the reporters as the project administrators insight in existence of Ambrosia artemisiifolia populations throughout Europe.


User-type Dependent Forms

A flick of your thumb is enough to toggle between an extensive survey form for the professional researcher or a basic survey form for the layman enthusiast who wants to contribute.