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See for yourself how the dutch 'Ambrosia Melder' ('Ambrosia Reporter' in English...) is being used by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority to map the exotic invasive Ambrosia artemissifolia plant of which the pollen are the most severe contributor to allergic reactions during and around the hayfever season.

The following video, produced by the client and narrated in Dutch, shows how they use the app to thwart rapid expansion of the Ambrosia artemissifolia plant in the Netherlands with help of both volunteer reporters as a professional team that validates the incoming reports.

( Video Source: NVWA, Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit. For more information about their project, please visit our client's (dutch) website at: )

FieldReporter - A Mobile Participation Platform
that expands the Scope of Field Research

FieldReporter is a beautiful, easy-to-use and affordable mobile app that lets communities of scientific researchers and the public collaborate in identifying external environmental factors using images and location data from their iPhones and iPads.

At a time when budgets are stretched tight, FieldReporter not only helps your research team make the most of funding, it actually enables you to expand your project scope by engaging colleagues and the public in identifying and pinpointing species, artifacts and other specimens from the field with their mobile devices.

Making a report in the field is easy and can be completed in seconds. Your field reporters simply capture an image and complete a form to add further contextual information.

Location and time are automatically added and the entire report is stored in the cloud when the reporter approves what’s on their screen. By having all reports stored in our cloud, your team can query the data and access the images for research or insights.  The data can also be downloaded as a .CSV file to be used with database, visualization or analytics tools.


A Customizable Native iOS App

FieldReporter is so comprehensive that you only need to make a few choices to customize it for your needs.

With those choices, the app can have your look and feel, include your instructions, information about your project and organization and capture your data in the form that you need it. You can even push frequent notifications to your research and public users in the field.  All you do is place the order, and we deliver a finished native iPhone app within a week. You approve it, submit it to Apple for their review, and your app is available for your users to download from the App Store. That is the power of our Mobile Participation Platforms.

For the first time mobile technology can become an integral part of research, because the cost of FieldReporter is one-third the price of custom app
development and can be fully developed to specific

research needs in a week rather than the typical development cycle of at least three months.

OneWhitePixel applied years of experience building complex custom apps for research organizations around the world to create a clean, simple, standard app design that is easy to customize, easy to use and easy to learn so researchers don’t have to provide training or technical support to reporters.

Prices start at less than $5,000 with a range of support options.  FieldReporter comes with OneWhitePixel’s Command Center, a web-based tool for monitoring app usage. For more information, contact us at

See how research teams are tackling complex projects with the help of FieldReporter on our use cases page.