The ideal app for scientific organizations to facilitate their field research projects or public surveys.

Engage your co-workers or volunteers and let them help report or monitor specific objects and locations using photographs, GPS coordinates and the additional metadata your project requires.

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>> Use case - Pollennieuws
>> Use case - Ambrosia Reporter

The ideal app for journalists, media outlets and their audiences that allows for easy content creation.

Engage your listeners, viewers or readers and enable them to contribute to your projects. Easily submit entries based around the kind of media you're searching for with this beautiful app.

>> Currently in Beta. More information coming soon!

FieldReporter & Mediareporter are
Participation Platforms



At OneWhitePixel we specialize in building participation platforms. Our products enable your customers or audiences to work with your organization by using a mobile app to participate in research, reporting, messaging, social networking and creative projects.

You pose a question, idea, topic or assignment. They use a mobile app to contribute valuable new ideas, reactions, insights, feedback and content -- any time from any location.

The experience is easy for them and fast and affordable for you. We provide you the mobile platform to communicate with them at any time while gaining deeper knowledge of their needs and new insights from the information you collect.

One worry-free annual fee that gets you all you need!

We provide you a complete Mobile Participation Platform -- mobile app, cloud, monitoring and support services. Everything you need to get up and running without the complexity of creating and maintaining your own platform... saving you time, money and headaches!



A high-quality native iOS app that can be rapidly customized and tailored to your needs.

Cloud & API

A reliable cloud infrastructure, with no downtime, and nothing to install, patch or upgrade.

Command Center

An online dashboard to monitor usage statistics and review, validate or export content.

Feature Highlights

Our participation platforms continue to develop over time and new features will be added that can help you engage your audiences even better. Here are some of the most important features that are currently available within our existing product packages:


Push Notifications

Give your app a voice and engage your customers through targeted push notifications.


User Management

We make user management easy and painless by taking care of the complete boarding process.



Store location data of almost anything you capture and bring more context to your project and your data.

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Full Data Ownership & Access

Easily access and query all your data through our REST API or export it to .CSV for any use.



Launch Faster

You can get to market faster with a platform that's already proven and tested and tailored to your needs.


Data Insights

Our Command Center dashboard gives you visibility into trends that are happening, but aren't always in public view.


Ease of Use

Our approach makes it as easy as snap, tap & submit for your users to join in on your projects.


Support, Development & First App Store Launch included!

OneWhitePixel's Mobile Participation Platforms come with services to help design, develop, launch, manage and maintain your platform. One of our experienced project leads will guide you through the whole process from your initial sign-up to launch of your own customized participation application.

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